The Roman Poets - Everyman's Library POCKET POETS - Peter Washington - Books - Random House USA Inc - 9780375400711 - November 11, 1997
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The Roman Poets - Everyman's Library POCKET POETS First edition

Peter Washington

The Roman Poets - Everyman's Library POCKET POETS First edition

The urban and pastoral poetry of the Roman republic, and of the empire that succeeded it, was both the culmination of the magnificent classical tradition of the Mediterranean and the seedbed for almost all the subsequent poetic traditions of Western and Central Europe. The stateliness of Virgil's Eclogues and the grandeur of his epic line, the unsurpassable lyricism - by turns tender, incisive, and scabrous - of Catullus's elegies and satires, the philosophical splendor of Lucretius's meditations, the relentless imaginative energy of Ovid's narratives, and the sonorous beauty of the odes of Horace have been for two millennia a source of endless delight and instruction, and the work of these writers has given to Europe its frames of literary reference and its enduring canons of taste.

253 pages, illustrations

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Released November 11, 1997
ISBN13 9780375400711
Publishers Random House USA Inc
Pages 253
Dimensions 115 × 166 × 18 mm   ·   235 g
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