Choices, Values, and Frames - Daniel Kahneman - Books - Cambridge University Press - 9780521627498 - September 25, 2000
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Choices, Values, and Frames

Daniel Kahneman

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Choices, Values, and Frames

This volume presents an approach to the understanding of human decision making which is rooted in psychology, but is increasingly influential in economics and in theories of management and business.

860 pages, 79 b/w illus. 66 tables

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Released Storbritannien, September 25, 2000
ISBN13 9780521627498
Publishers Cambridge University Press
Pages 860
Dimensions 156 × 234 × 33 mm   ·   1.29 kg
Language English  
Editor Kahneman, Daniel (Princeton University, New Jersey)
Editor Tversky, Amos (Stanford University, California)

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