Health Care Lean - Lawrence M. Miller - Books - Miller Management Press, LLC - 9780578107783 - June 21, 2012
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Health Care Lean

Lawrence M. Miller

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Health Care Lean

How to Create the Exceptional Client Experience & Magnet Health Organization Through Lean Teams:
Health Care Lean offers the fundamental tools and practices of working together in teams to improve the quality of client service and eliminating waste. There are no easy fixes here. Only the on-going and steady process of continuous improvement. It is the job of management to create a system of improvement that engages the mind and spirit of every associate and to encourage continual experimentation, the use of the scientific method, to discover new and better ways of deliver patient care. The lessons offered in this workbook are a systematic and proven approach to creating this culture of continued learning and improvement.

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Released June 21, 2012
ISBN13 9780578107783
Publishers Miller Management Press, LLC
Pages 286
Dimensions 207 × 15 × 276 mm   ·   648 g
Language English  

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