Elegy: Book One of the Arbiter Codex (Volume 1) - Christopher Kellen - Books - Eisengoth Independent Books - 9780615609249 - March 9, 2012
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Elegy: Book One of the Arbiter Codex (Volume 1)

Christopher Kellen

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Elegy: Book One of the Arbiter Codex (Volume 1)

D'Arden Tal is an Arbiter -- given up at birth to the secretive Council of Masters, to be raised and trained in the light of the manna. Only the Arbiters can withstand the toxic power of the world's lifeblood, and purify it when it has been corrupted. For more than eight decades, D'Arden has been a champion against the darkness. There are many shadows in the world, but the azure light from his crystalline sword burns them away.

A veil of crimson death has settled over the city of Calessa. Evil rages within it, the land is frozen and bleak, and the dead once more walk among the living, consuming all in their path. The few who stand firm against the darkness grow more desperate with each passing day, and despair takes root in the hearts of the good.

His mission is simple: D'Arden must root out and destroy the source of the evil before it overwhelms the meager remains of innocent life within Calessa's walls. This is what he was born to, what he has trained for. One more day in the perilous and deadly life of the Arbiter.

This time, though, something is waiting for him. It has been expecting him. And it knows exactly how to destroy him...

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released March 9, 2012
ISBN13 9780615609249
Publishers Eisengoth Independent Books
Pages 208
Dimensions 129 × 198 × 11 mm   ·   208 g
Language English  
Contributor Kylen Wiggin
Contributor Zoe Cannon

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