Lady Shadow - Prudence MacLeod - Bøger - Shadoe Publishing - 9780692655597 - March 1, 2016

Lady Shadow

Prudence MacLeod

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Lady Shadow

Lexa Condon spent too much time in imaginary worlds until she witnessed a murder. Now the killers are after her. With her young life about to be snuffed out, she cries out for help. Lexa is granted the power to create imaginary worlds herself. Flexing her new powers she goes on the hunt for the killers, but her power is strong, and seductive. Will she be drawn completely into a world of her own construction and disappear forever, or will she gain control and bring down the killers. It will be a long trail and she will have to face her own darkness before it's over. Killers are hunting for Lexa, but what they find is darkness and shadow. Shadow and form, and then shadow again. Even as they hunt her, mystery and madness hunt them. And then there is that damn dragon.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released March 1, 2016
ISBN13 9780692655597
Publishers Shadoe Publishing
Pages 188
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 10 mm   ·   258 g
Language English  

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