General Psychopathology - Karl Jaspers - Books - Johns Hopkins University Press - 9780801858154 - January 22, 1998
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General Psychopathology

Karl Jaspers

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General Psychopathology

In "General Psychopathology", perhaps his most important contribution to the Heidelberg school, Jaspers critiques the scientific aspirations of psychotherapy, arguing that the realm of the human must be supplemented by an understanding of the "meaning-relations" experienced by human beings.

504 pages, 1, black & white illustrations

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released January 22, 1998
ISBN13 9780801858154
Publishers Johns Hopkins University Press
Pages 594
Dimensions 154 × 231 × 30 mm   ·   760 g
Language English  
Translator Hamilton, Marian W.
Translator Hoenig, J.

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