The Pleasure of Rope - Bob Bentley - Books - Kahboom Ltd - 9780957627536 - August 1, 2017
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The Pleasure of Rope

Bob Bentley

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The Pleasure of Rope

This is an amazing collection of real life Kinbaku performances originally filmed by Bob Bentley in London and Tokyo. It features internationally famous Kinbaku performers and models including: Kazami Ranki Akira Naka Gestalta Midori Kinoko Hajime Osada Steve Esinem Nawashi Murakawa Nina Russ Gorgone Iroha Shizuki Zahara Clover Wykd Dave And many others...

168 pages

Media Books     Hardcover Book   (Book with hard spine and cover)
Released August 1, 2017
ISBN13 9780957627536
Publishers Kahboom Ltd
Pages 168
Dimensions 278 × 247 × 20 mm   ·   1.05 kg
Language English  

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