Esoteric Keys of Alchemy - Paul Foster Case - Books - Ishtar Publishing - 9780978053512 - September 30, 2007
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Esoteric Keys of Alchemy

Paul Foster Case

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Esoteric Keys of Alchemy

HOW TO EFFORTLESSLY DISCOVER THE PRICELESS TREASURE OF THE SAGES IN ONE NIGHT WITH THE MAGIC KEY OF IT ALL! Once accessible only to private members, these keys of esoteric wisdom have finally been made available to the public. Unlock the intentionally cryptic alchemical writings that have confounded so many seekers. Discover the hidden teachings on the true spiritual and transformational nature of the alchemical process. Explore the historical writings of the alchemists of old. Paul Foster Case deciphered these mysteries for students of his School of Ageless Wisdom in a step-by-step process. As he pulls on the thread of the tapestry, the whole veil unravels, giving you a glimpse of the hidden meaning and intent. Esoteric Keys of Alchemy uniquely combines the teachings of the Western Mystery Tradition with the writings of the Yogis of the East to unveil the universal nature of those mysteries.

160 pages

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released September 30, 2007
ISBN13 9780978053512
Publishers Ishtar Publishing
Pages 160
Dimensions 127 × 192 × 11 mm   ·   186 g
Language English  

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