Soul Forest: Twenty-four Tarot Writings - Rachel Pollack - Books - Tarot Media Company - 9780983302452 - August 12, 2011
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Soul Forest: Twenty-four Tarot Writings

Rachel Pollack

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Soul Forest: Twenty-four Tarot Writings

"What is the Soul?" "What is holiness?" "What is the Tarot's origin?" Rachel Pollack explores these and other questions in what she calls "Wisdom Readings" - working with the Tarot to explore mysteries of our universe and ourselves. Covering topics as lighthearted as a celebration of May Day, and and as deep as the shadow of the Holocaust, Rachel's writings use the Tarot as a mirror, a magnifying glass, and as a telescope to view the world. Going beyond the traditional interpretation of symbols in the cards, Rachel delves deeply into the philosophical, mystical, elemental magic of the Tarot.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released August 12, 2011
ISBN13 9780983302452
Publishers Tarot Media Company
Pages 137
Dimensions 175 × 9 × 250 mm   ·   263 g
Language English  

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