Paradoxes of Catholicism - Robert Hugh Benson - Books - Blurb - 9781034471790 - March 26, 2024
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Paradoxes of Catholicism

Robert Hugh Benson

Paradoxes of Catholicism

This historic collection of eleven apologetic sermons was delivered by Robert Hugh Benson (1871 - 1914) in England and the United States in the early 20th-century on the eve of World War I. The titles of the sermons are as follows: I Peace and War II Wealth and Poverty III Sanctity and Sin IV Joy and Sorrow V Love of God and Love of Man VI Faith and Reason VII Authority and Liberty VIII Corporateness and Individualism IX Meekness and Violence X the Seven Words XI Life and Death This work was published in London in 1913. At the time Benson had been appointed a Chamberlain to Pope Pius X and had earned the title of Monsignor. These classic sermons have been augmented with illustrations of Robert Hugh Benson himself, along with images of the people and events he refers to in the text.

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Released March 26, 2024
ISBN13 9781034471790
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