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Pirates Ghostly Spirits

Bob Gebhardt

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Pirates Ghostly Spirits

Around the seventeen hundreds the crew of a pirate ship, raided a remote primitive village for women and liquor. Several of the captives who were slaughtered were damned to spend eternity in different locations. About two hundred years later a modern day couple sailing the Caribbean become unintentionally and reluctantly involved in a paranormal contact with one spirit,that of a victim of that ancient pirate violence. They became morally and emotionally obliged to assist in the release of the damned spirit,damned to eternity at the bottom of the sea. This led them to contact the occupants of the Caribbean Island; the same island used by the pirates in their day and now called The Island of Death. The author takes us on a journey of current everyday life with friendly paranormal interaction with the spirits of the pirates and their victims, and subsequently the recovery of vast treasures. Enjoy the fantasy of a fictional trip into the spiritual dimensions.

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Released December 2, 2012
ISBN13 9781300470137
Publishers Lulu.com
Pages 208
Dimensions 150 × 16 × 226 mm   ·   462 g
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