Eternals Vol. 2 - Kieron Gillen - Books - Marvel Comics - 9781302925482 - August 23, 2022
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Eternals Vol. 2

Kieron Gillen

Eternals Vol. 2

The Eternals have learned the truth of their existence. Their society is in shambles. Who can lead them? Who is the visionary that can raise them up from the ashes? Hail Thanos...the Mad Titan... Eternal Prime?! After warring with the Deviants for a million years, our Eternals have had enough. They want to end the endless war, to live in peace side-by-side. Unfortunately, the Deviants have other ideas. Meanwhile, to everyone's surprise, Thanos puts into action a series of sensible policies for the good of all. There is a lie in this solicit. You may be able to spot it.

136 pages, 6 Illustrations, unspecified

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released August 23, 2022
ISBN13 9781302925482
Publishers Marvel Comics
Pages 152
Dimensions 259 × 166 × 8 mm   ·   330 g
Language English  
Illustrator Ribic, Esad

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