The Underpants - Tammi Sauer - Bøger - Scholastic Press - 9781338740271 - October 4, 2022
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The Underpants

Tammi Sauer

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The Underpants

Farmer's underpants will never be the same when Kitty and her funny and wacky barnyard pals squeeze into their new coat and prance around the farm. The hilarity is nonstop!

Tammi Sauer's The Underpants is a hilarious and irreverent homage to Jan Brett's The Mitten, in which Kitty discovers a coat in a farmer's fresh laundry pile. Hysterical hijinks ensue as Dog, Pig, Rooster, Cow, and Bird want to share the coat. Joren Cull's illustrations add loads of laughter as the underpants coat gets more and more crowded and our five barnyard pals prance around the farmyard.

Readers of all ages will laugh out loud on this underwear adventure!

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Released October 4, 2022
ISBN13 9781338740271
Publishers Scholastic Press
Pages 48
Dimensions 476 g
Language English  

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