The Mulberry Empire: a Novel - Philip Hensher - Books - Anchor - 9781400030897 - October 14, 2003
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The Mulberry Empire: a Novel

Philip Hensher

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The Mulberry Empire: a Novel

With Tolstoyan sweep and Dickensian vitality, this epically involving historical novel relates England?s tragic adventure in Afghanistan, which began with the triumphant arrival of the Army of the Indus in 1839 and ended three years later in rout and massacre.

At the center of The Mulberry Empireis Alexander Burnes, a Scots explorer who travels to the unfathomably remote kingdom of Afghanistan and first befriends and then reluctantly betrays its wise and impeccably courteous Amir. But he is only one character in a cast that includes ladies and generals, princes and deserters, all brilliantly and sympathetically realized. At once stirring and harrowing, exotic and cautionary, and as vividly colored as a Persian miniature, the result is a tour de force of re-creation and invention.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released October 14, 2003
ISBN13 9781400030897
Publishers Anchor
Pages 496
Dimensions 131 × 26 × 202 mm   ·   340 g
Language English  

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