Venus Project - John M. Smart - Bøger - AuthorHouse - 9781403334497 - December 27, 2002
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Venus Project

John M. Smart

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Venus Project

In a county south of Indianapolis, Jack Caplin, a former prosecutor turned defense attorney, recently widowed with two teenage girls, is hired in a highly publicized murder. The accused is a Wisconsin Senator's right hand man filling in for his boss at a political New Years Eve party in Indianapolis, who wakes up in the lap of a murdered high priced call girl. Being a presidential election year, the case quickly draws national attention. In Chicago, Sandy Robinson returns to her empty apartment from an extended holiday vacation with her family and finds among her mail two unusual letters from Meredith Baker, an old college roommate. Sandy soon learns that Meredith, who had only recently come back into her life several years after college, is dead. Sandy later learns, to her surprise, that Meredith was the high priced call girl murdered by some politician in Indiana. Sandy determines the letters from Meredith, and their contents, may be significant, and in her attempt to find out more and get this information to the authorities, she becomes entwined in a web of corruption and intrigue. People around her are killed and she is falsely accused and hunted by the police and others. Through twists and turns, Sandy Robinson's path eventually collides with Jack Caplan. Together they become drawn into a deeper, more complex conspiracy. Outside forces will do whatever is necessary to stop Jack and Sandy from discovering their secret. The Venus Project is a book in which politicians, corruption, murder and mayhem continue to cross paths with Jack Caplin and Sandy Robinson who are in the end trying not only save Jack's client, but also keep themselves alive. The story is a guaranteed page-turner up to the very end.

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Released December 27, 2002
ISBN13 9781403334497
Publishers AuthorHouse
Pages 556
Dimensions 125 × 31 × 200 mm   ·   598 g
Language English