Place Called America: A Story of the Land and People - Jennifer Thermes - Bøger - Abrams - 9781419743894 - September 14, 2023
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Place Called America: A Story of the Land and People

Jennifer Thermes

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Expected delivery Sep 22 - 27, 2023

Place Called America: A Story of the Land and People

Through the lens of the land that has come to be known as America, award-winning picture book creator Jennifer Thermes captures centuries of history

A Place Called America takes the long view of the land's history, from its earliest formation and inhabitants up through today. Meet those indigenous to the deserts, prairies, forests, and shores of the land called Turtle Island and their relatives whose ideas founded the basis of the Constitution and who contributed in unique ways to World War II and more. Meet immigrant communities who came to the land from all around the world--at different times and against all odds, even with staunch United States immigration policies. And meet enslaved ancestors who were brought to the land against their will and whose labor and experience changed the story forever.

Expert picture book maker Jennifer Thermes deftly weaves the threads of these communities' narratives together, while giving each the spotlight they deserve--using the land itself as a unifying lens. Illustrated with dazzling maps, A Place Called America is a visual delight. It is an info-packed read, with sidebars, an author's note, and a timeline supplementing the accessible text.

A Place Called America will challenge its readers to think critically about the stories we tend to take for granted about our own history.
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64 pages, Full-color illustrations throughout

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To be released USA, September 14, 2023
ISBN13 9781419743894
Publishers Abrams
Pages 64
Dimensions 124 g   (Weight (estimated))
Language English  

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