Go Fish - Vailore Anandan - Books - Xlibris Corporation - 9781425761998 - February 16, 2010
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Go Fish

Vailore Anandan

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Go Fish

The book contains three parts. Part 1: Adam was an auto worker; he wanted to take a long vacation before his retirement. He wanted to make his soul searching trip on his car named Rudy. He wanted to figure out his life for the last time. Adam, his son Cady and his daughter-in-law Elena and his grand daughter Mothi took the road trip to California. They did a lot of camping and fishing. Adam talks about the evolution of life form as he understood. Part 2: They talked about various philosophies as they went thru the trip. Adam told many stories to explain his concepts. He talks about individualism, socialism and communism from the existence point of view. He talks about the logic for religious philosophy. He explains that the process of looking beyond the individual or social or communalism is the basis for religion. It is a process for looking beyond our lives. He also explains that the most common hurdle that you face in the thought process of science or philosophy (rationale) is the entity called "Conflict". We do not face such hurdle in the religious thought process. It is beyond the bounds of existence and hence we do not have the bounds of existence and hence the entity of conflict disappears. He also talks about the human intuition. He talks about how to develop the human intuition, which is useful to form large patterns as well as to understand large patterns, without the complete rationale (understanding). He touches on the topic of Order and Chaos. He talks on the subject beyond the classical analysis of a broken cup and its implication on physics. He mentions his comments on the intrinsic and extrinsic properties of the various entities. Adam explains these concepts in short stories to his grand daughter Mothi. Part 3: They progress well into their trip. They reach San Francisco and went around with their family and friends. They made a number of camping. Adam was continuing his discourses. He talked about Time and its manifestation. He proposes the attributes of energy that makes the time move forward or makes a path where it evolves us to a better and able people as well as form a stable and peaceful system. He proposes to obtain a positive arrow of time. He continues his thought to form a theoretical process using systems and knowledge and science of mathematics. He talks about the basis of various systems such as mathematics, music, language and computers and so on, how to transfer between them and how the knowledge was perceived in the olden days thru human body and mind. It was a mind boggling session on the perception of human mind on the grand theories and how he uses his own body and mind to perceive them understand them and formulate them. He talks about error and the way we need to perceive it and he also mentions on the body model, mind model and the interaction of energy and time. He talks about energy and subjective energy and his experiment with information. He talks about Natural vs. Artificial design. He uses the information theories and the financial systems and energy principles to create a proposal for inventing new material (without the use of expensive labs and tools - using the human computers and their living information). He talks about the Artists and the Architects just reassure of the existence of a signal and hence that of himself. Another topic he works on is the proposal for the discretization of the high energy systems. He also explains all his concepts thru various spicy and tasty and romantic stories.

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Released February 16, 2010
ISBN13 9781425761998
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Pages 346
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