The Song of Wine: Music As a Metaphor for Wine - Michael Maderia - Books - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781451569957 - April 21, 2010
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The Song of Wine: Music As a Metaphor for Wine

Michael Maderia

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The Song of Wine: Music As a Metaphor for Wine

When considering wine, the first feeling most of us experience is intimidation. Growing up in America, wine knowledge is by no means inherent and the topic itself seems dauntingly vast. We look to experts for guidance and hear long, obscure flavor profiles and abstract numerical scores. Confused, we dutifully drink what they tell us to without fully understanding either the wine itself or our own personal tastes. If we don't enjoy what someone tells us is good, we assume we simply don't "get" wine. Lost in that process is the importance of individual enjoyment. The realization that we have that right is the first crucial step toward a true understanding of wine. "The Song of Wine" uses music to simplify and introduce the world of wine. By drawing parallels between the two, the author provides the reader with a new way to relate to wine. We learn to establish basic expectations for grapes as we have for the many genres of music. Each grape "genre" is then further broken down into expectations for the various growing regions. The author's goal is for us to be able to peruse a wine list or store shelf and estimate both the grape and style of each bottle we are considering. We can then approach individual bottles in much the same way we do a new song, by getting to know its unique and individual character. This in turn leads to better educated choices to accompany our most enjoyable occasions. Through relatable and concise language, music and wine are woven into a single fabric, thus giving the reader a new level of comfort with the subject. A Certiied Wine Sommelier, Mr. Maderia draws on personal experience and 25 years of teaching restaurant staffs and dining guests to create this unique starting point for wine exploration. Whether in search of basic knowledge or in pursuit of one's own niche within the wine world, "The Song of Wine" stikes the right chords and suggests distinct harmonies to accompany our journey

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Released April 21, 2010
ISBN13 9781451569957
Publishers CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf
Pages 186
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