The Leader's Journal: Integrating Head & Heart - John Horan-kates - Bøger - Authorhouse - 9781456752743 - June 6, 2011

The Leader's Journal: Integrating Head & Heart

John Horan-kates

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The Leader's Journal: Integrating Head & Heart

Publisher Marketing: What do you stand for? What is the foundation of your leadership approach? And what's really important to you? Many leaders know the answers to these questions at an intellectual level, but interestingly, they don't talk about them very often, and most have never expressed themselves in writing on these important leadership underpinnings. The Leaders Journal provides leaders the opportunity to take their thinking to a deeper level. Organized around twelve time-honored principles essential to effective, ethical leadership, this book introduces these keys in a week-to-week format. By quoting respected exemplars and posing important questions each day, you are asked to express your thoughts on integrity, commitment, purpose and other fundamental leadership principles. The exercise of writing your deepest thoughts can be clarifying, therapeutic and often eye-opening. Writing can help you think through ideas or problems where answers may not be readily apparent. The more diligent you are in journaling, the more you'll learn about yourself and about your capacity to lead others. In this sense, this book is interactive and engaging. It's about both what other great leaders have said, and more importantly, it's about what you have to say ! Just be aware that what you record in this journal may be transformative!

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Released June 6, 2011
ISBN13 9781456752743
Publishers Authorhouse
Pages 284
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