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Sweetwater: Emily's Story

Alice Addy

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Sweetwater: Emily's Story

Publisher Marketing: Dr. Blake Donovan couldn't keep his eyes from straying to the ravishing brunette working in the garden. With her straw bonnet sitting slightly askew on her head, allowing her long, shining curls to fall gracefully around her shoulders, he found her to be totally captivating. The young woman was tall and slender, with feminine curves in all the right places-and he knew she wasn't the least bit interested in him or any other man. Miss Emily Louise Falkenrath was 23 years old, and carried a very large chip on her delicate shoulders. She knew how cruel and dangerous men could be . . .even men that were supposed to protect little girls and their mamas. She had been forced to grow up fast, and she learned to hide from her secret past. There was no time for men or romance in her life, but she still dreamed. Since the time she left home, she had yearned to have her own farm and she swore to let nothing prevent her from getting it. Not even the man she most feared in the world would stop her. Unfortunately, handsome Dr. Blake Donovan would just have to look elsewhere for romance. Not a man to give up, Dr. Donovan vows to keep Emily happy and safe-even if, in order to protect her, he has to revisit his violent past-and kill again. Perhaps he'll succeed in winning her heart, but for now, everyone was in danger and some would die, but Blake vowed they would see it through together. Contributor Bio:  Addy, Alice ALICE ADDY has always been in love with historical romances. She grew up on tales of cowboys, horses, and covered wagons. However, she also grew up watching Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price transform into various creatures of the night. It was fun to be scared...from the comfort and safety of her parent's sofa. Her imagination continued to grow from there, and as she reached maturity, romance was thrown into the mix. As she writes about her vampires, witches, and immortals, she would like to believe that with enough love and understanding, no one is forever damned, and all can be redeemed in the end. She enjoys collecting American antiques and has a passion for gardening. When the weather cooperates, she loves getting her hands dirty. Colorful flowers and blossoming trees often times find their way into her novels. She strives to set a beautiful scene for her beloved characters. Readers will also notice her love for children and animals in her books. Hopefully, their antics will make you laugh and perhaps even shed a few tears, but always...always her stories will have a happy ending. She'll be traveling, extensively, throughout the American Southwest and across the Northern Plains very soon. Maybe she will see you there, exploring the Alamo or viewing Mount Rushmore. Until then...happy reading. You can visit her website: www.aliceaddy.com

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released December 29, 2012
ISBN13 9781481255929
Publishers Createspace
Pages 190
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 10 mm   ·   263 g

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