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Anna E Tower

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The "Old-School-Learning" series is bringing back the old school way of learning. Each book is a facsimile or reproduction of a school textbook or instructional book from a time period when education was simple and highly effective.
Preface (from the original book): Teachers will observe that only a few letters at a time are given to the pupil, and with them words formed of those few letters. Thus the alphabet as presented to a child in detached portions, and each successive portion practically used in words before the next is learned.
This method is claimed as a peculiar feature of this book, except so far as it is used in the "Gradual Primer."
The alphabets at the beginning of the book are for those who prefer to teach in the old way, and for all to learn the old order of arrangement.
No word is used in the book till it has first been given to the pupil in a spelling lesson.
This book will be an easy introduction to the "Gradual Primer," the First Reader of Tower's Series; also to his "Pictorial Primer;" and, in short, to any Series of readers.
It is especially designed for the LOWEST CLASS in the primary schools, to encourage children by making their first step simple, easy, attractive, and interesting.

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Released February 5, 2016
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