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Cruising Cuba

A Phillips

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Cruising Cuba

Edition 15 for 2018. Every Island, Every Anchorage, Every Walk, Every Dive, Every Animal, Every Regulation, Every Camp site, Every Boat, Every Room, Every Fish, Every Restaurant, Every Snorkel, Every Danger, Every Bird, Every Activity, Every Thing, Every Price, EVERY THING. - Videos - Photos - Maps - Sketches - Notes - Hyperlinks - Things To Do - Opinions - Blogs & Reviews The file contains links to thousands of useful pieces of information. Everything from the weather, the winds, Utube, the formalities and regulations, to blogs and photos, things to do, events, anchorages, the people, costs, the pilot charts, pirates, marinas, google earth, camping, cell phone coverage, walking, flights, ferries, nightlife, boatyards, history, repairs, currency, addresses, communications, repairers, snorkeling, fishing workshop, diving, flora, the animals, online charts, updates, the parks, local food, the restaurants, hotels and accommodation, Wikipedia, Noonsite, sailing guides online, diesel engine troubleshooting & repair, your float plan, every Gov Dept., the Nav Rules, Sailing Directions, etc. Using your phone or tablet you can email out of the book to the editors. Instantly see the actual site on google earth. Join the Vessel Traffic Service and more..... Your phone or tablet screen will display the current weather radar. Also your screen can display surrounding shipping using links to AIS technology. The text is the current official U. S. Government Sailing Directions. By NOAA. THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION THAT IT CANNOT POSSIBLY BE FITTED INTO A PRINT BOOK. So there is also a multimedia resource. Using the QR code reader on a phone or tablet one can instantly download a free interactive digital color encyclopedia.

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Released December 28, 2016
ISBN13 9781541334649
Publishers Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
Pages 102
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