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How Full of Briers

Carol Dougherty

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How Full of Briers

HOW FULL OF BRIERS offers an exploration of three of the world's top theatres devoted to the work of Shakespeare: the Royal Shakespeare Company, the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut, and the Stratford Festival of Canada. It follows each theatre from its origins, through its artistic and organizational history, to the organizational structure as it existed in 1981. This proved to be a pivotal time in the life of each theatre, with one theatre about to dissolve, one trying not to explode, and one expanding beyond anything the original founders might have imagined. In addition to a comparison of the three Stratfords, the lessons learned from them are used to design a model theatre, complete with charter, bylaws, organizational structure. Updated, with a new Foreward and Afterword, HOW FULL OF BRIERS is a love letter to the world of the classical repertory theatre. Originally published in 1983 and out of print for many years, it is presented in this new edition."It should be recommended reading not only for present Board members but for --all potential appointees." Tom Patterson, Founder, Stratford Shakespearean Festival Foundation of Canada"A brilliant examination of a complex and generally unknown area of the theatrical world. It will be immensely useful for the theatre professional, challenging for the theatre student, and intriguing for the theatre-going public. Ms. Dougherty brings her keen legal mind to the subject, as well as her creative spirit. She writes with clarity and objectivity about the theatre she loves deeply." Leone Marinello, Professor of Theatre, John Carroll University, 1949-1986"As Ms. Dougherty's professor of corporations, I reviewed the structural aspect of her proposed model for a theatre company and found it to be both innovative and practical. Her book adds a needed legal and corporate analysis to the literature of the arts." Joy Flowers Conti, US District Court Judge"In her appropriately titled HOW FULL OF BRIERS, Carol Dougherty skillfully examines the interaction of business and artistic concerns in three major organizations - the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the American Shakespeare Theatre, and the Stratford Shakespearean Festival Foundation of Canada. It is a mammoth task and she has undertaken it with a masterful hand. Her clear, intelligent, vivid style breathes life into an abundance of facts and figures."Gerry Eldred, Executive Director, Stratford Shakespearean Festival Foundation of Canada, 1981-1985

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Released April 24, 2017
ISBN13 9781545341742
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