The Spirits in the Ruins (Sedona Mysteries) - Edward Berger - Books - AuthorHouse - 9781587215704 - August 20, 2000
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The Spirits in the Ruins (Sedona Mysteries)

Edward Berger

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The Spirits in the Ruins (Sedona Mysteries)

Well written! Well researched! Hold your emotions!!! History and mystery combined! Arnie Cain, called to investigate the body of a Native American found in a shipping crate in an old Sedona trading post. The trail leads Arnie, and his wife Susan, from Arizona to southwestern Colorado and the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation. Forces are organized to stop the telling of history that may come to light as a result of the investigation. Cain s probing exposes the horrors of the antiquities trade---including the trade in mummified bodies. Norman Beardancer, dynamic spiritual leader of the Ute people and, his wife Regina, work with the tribal elders to recreate the history of the Weminuche Utes. They try to find out who the man found in the shipping crate was. They are opposed by forces that do not want the Ute history told. Doctor Ferner Getts, grandson of an early 20th century grave robber and antiquities trader. A pompous academic who has 'edited' historical records to protect major museums and antiquities collectors. George W. Avery, now Advisor to the President for Indian Affairs, his stereotypes and bigotry reflect U. S. policy toward the Ute Tribe. Anasazi Bill, one of Sedona s underground people, has been trying for years to learn who killed his father. Now, Cain s investigation leads him back to the reservation to help recreate the times when his father traded with the Utes. The Willis Clan, pot hunters, antiquities traders and grave robbers! They formed a trade network with Sedona, Arizona as the outlet.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released August 20, 2000
ISBN13 9781587215704
Publishers AuthorHouse
Pages 408
Dimensions 503 g
Language English  

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