Time Warrior: How to Defeat Procrastination, People-pleasing, Self-doubt, Over-commitment, Broken Promises and Chaos - Steve Chandler - Books - Maurice Bassett - 9781600250378 - April 1, 2011
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Time Warrior: How to Defeat Procrastination, People-pleasing, Self-doubt, Over-commitment, Broken Promises and Chaos 1st edition

Steve Chandler

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Time Warrior: How to Defeat Procrastination, People-pleasing, Self-doubt, Over-commitment, Broken Promises and Chaos 1st edition

Time Warrior is a revolutionary, non-linear approach to dealing with time, as bold as it is fresh and new. What is non-linear time management? Non-linear time management is a commitment to action in the present moment. It's looking at a task and choosing NOW or ?not now.? If it's not now, it's got to be NEVER, or placed in a time capsule that has a spot on the calendar and therefore out of the mind. The mind must remain clear and empty of all future considerations. In non-linear time management there is no line extending from my mind into the future. No tapeworm of unfinished business coming out of my body. Non-linear time management is best expressed by Elvis Presley when he sings, ?It's now or never, come hold me tight.? The old-fashioned time management programs had a huge, burdensome focus on the future. The line of tasks stretched out forever into the future. It was fear-based and it was overwhelming to have so much of a future to carry around with you. It resulted in massive, pathological procrastination. Everything got put off in the name of perfectionism. Nothing was bold or reckless anymore. Therefore there wasn't much astonishing success happening for the world-weary practitioner. But when Chandler teaches people to go non-linear, a strange thing happens. New life and energy come in. When they open their emails they don't get to save them for later. They have to deal with them if they open them. Like little attackers in a computer game, there is no longer anywhere to hide. Life becomes a great game and everything is handled right now on the spot. All fear comes from picturing the future. Putting things off increases that fear. Soon we are nothing but heavy minds weighing down on weary brains. Too much future will do that. Only a warrior's approach will solve this. A warrior takes his sword to the future. A warrior also takes his sword to all circumstances that don't allow him to fully focus. Chandler is a coach by profession, and when he works with a client who is ?overwhelmed? with too much to do and not enough time to do it he will often ask them to give him an example of one of the things they are burdened by every time they think about it. The client will give him an example and they will do that thing right now. The client is amazed. The only thing missing in this client's life was a bias for action. Most people think too much. Then they compound that problem by studying the feelings that come up for them as a result of that thinking. All this time that they spend thinking and feeling they could have been taking action. In a non-linear way. Linear time starts with your birth and ends (at the end of the line) with your death. Along that long linear line it's just one damn thing after another. Then the lights go out. What was the point? Non-linear time management stops all that weary nonsensical treading on the road to one's destiny. Rather than inching along horizontally you must simply rise up. Your life can now become vertical. Now you don't postpone challenges, you rise to them. You become a warrior. And it works. How, exactly, does it work? This book will show you exactly how it works.

240 pages, black & white illustrations

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released April 1, 2011
ISBN13 9781600250378
Publishers Maurice Bassett
Pages 240
Dimensions 142 × 220 × 15 mm   ·   370 g
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