Need a Miracle? Here! - Douglas Claude - Books - Xulon Press - 9781630505202 - February 15, 2020
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Need a Miracle? Here!

Douglas Claude

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Need a Miracle? Here!

God helped me when only a miracle could save me. This is the Biblical way to work miracles.

I am a student of the Bible. I have great faith. God helps me even when the odds are against me.

This book offers a way for you to receive deliverance, healing, and restoration as you overcome the world through calling on Jesus Christ's name. This is how to be a superman or superwoman. I've included many Bible verses (KJV) about the power of Jesus's name and examples of miracles performed with that power. These are tried-and-true methods for miracles. I can swear by these methods, as I know they work. I have field-tested many of these methods throughout my life, so this document is also an autobiography of my life. I wouldn't have lived as long as I have without the Lord's direct intercession.

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Released February 15, 2020
ISBN13 9781630505202
Publishers Xulon Press
Pages 180
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 10 mm   ·   235 g
Language English