Men Under Construction - Murray Stein - Bψger - Chiron Publications - 9781630517922 - February 1, 2020

Men Under Construction

Murray Stein

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Men Under Construction

Today more than ever men are challenged to take steps toward greater consciousness and psychological development. In these lectures Murray Stein describes five "eras" or stages in a lifelong process of psychological and spiritual growth, as well as speaking about friendship between men and the archetypal gestures of fathering. The lectures are intended to help men of all ages to orient themselves in their lives as they search for meaning and seek personal development.

This is a very personal book, made up of three series of lectures Murray Stein gave in the 1980's. Although the times have changed since then, the basic issues have not, and the Zeitgeist remains one of ambiguity about male identity and a man's responsibilities toward himself, his children and the world.

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Released February 1, 2020
ISBN13 9781630517922
Publishers Chiron Publications
Pages 152
Dimensions 140 Χ 216 Χ 9 mm   ·   199 g
Language English  

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