101 All-Time Fantasy Baseball Teams - Jack Sweeney - Bøger - Simply Francis Publishing Company - 9781630620028 - March 14, 2016

101 All-Time Fantasy Baseball Teams

Jack Sweeney

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101 All-Time Fantasy Baseball Teams

This book is a whimsical look at the author's all-time teams by various categories; including animal names, ethnicity, crazy nicknames, decades, etc. The whimsy, however, is prelude to over 60 biographical sketches as well as the author's opinions of the impact that steroids, the designated hitter, relief pitching, the explosion of salaries, and the introduction of African American and Latino players has had on the great game. The author realizes that many of his readers will disagree with his choice of players, but that goes to the essence of being a fan. Arguing about who was better, Willie, Mickey, or the Duke fuels the true baseball lover's passions as much as seeing his team pull out a victory in the bottom of the ninth. So grab yourself a beer and enjoy this look at our national pastime from this zany perspective of a lifelong fan.

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Released March 14, 2016
ISBN13 9781630620028
Publishers Simply Francis Publishing Company
Pages 346
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