Finding Faith - C. E. Edmonson - Books - Trusted Books - 9781632690449 - May 7, 2014
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Finding Faith

C. E. Edmonson

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Finding Faith

The Great Depression played no favorites-a fact that thirteen-year-old Faith Covington fi nds out when her father loses his job and she and her mother are transplanted from their upscale neighborhood in New York City to a farm in the Pennsylvania wilderness. As Faith struggles to learn a new way of life-and ultimately to figure out who she is, her faith is challenged by new customs and by a plot she stumbles upon that threatens the whole community. How will she respond when she comes face to face with racism, persecution, and greed? Will her faith hold up? She'll have to dig deeper, pray harder, and take more chances than she ever thought imaginable to discover those answers. Author proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. For more information about this organization, see\

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released May 7, 2014
ISBN13 9781632690449
Publishers Trusted Books
Pages 260
Dimensions 331 g
Language English  

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