Don't Lose Your Head - Dave Williams - Books - Independently Published - 9781711637266 - November 25, 2019
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Don't Lose Your Head

Dave Williams

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Don't Lose Your Head

When you leave for a trip, who knows you're gone from your house? Family and friends, sure. Neighbors, perhaps. So does the chauffeur who drove you to the airport. Alan Burris takes advantage of working for a car service to know when clients will be away from their houses for several nights. Some houses are easier, since they don't have a security system -- and these houses are on his list for a night visit to steal valuables. The Resnick house has been on Alan's list for a while, and now it will be empty for a few nights, since Mr. and Mrs. Resnick are spending a long weekend in Chicago. But is the house really empty? Alan's about to find out what it's like to not be alone in the house, his car, his apartment, and his head. And with another person hanging around, to what length will Alan go to get rid of them?

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released November 25, 2019
ISBN13 9781711637266
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 120
Dimensions 140 × 216 × 6 mm   ·   149 g
Language English  

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