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The Truth Will Out

MR Robin B Chambers

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The Truth Will Out

Freed slaves make their way home to mixed receptions. Carman, Goddess of the Damned, leads her hellish forces in an attack on the giants in Brú na Bóinne. Members of the corrupt Consortium of wizards and witches make up their own minds whether or not to comply with WARD's demand for the release of all slaves. Gordon is troubled by the level of violence he and his friends resorted to in response to attempts to kidnap their mothers, and he discusses the use of non-violent methods with Mahatma Gandhi in Avalon. Myrddin provides Grace, Miranda and Nick with apples from the Tree of Knowledge in order to give each of them glimpses into possible futures. Nick discovers that a secret society run by the headmaster of Templemead School is grooming children to provide sexual services to the royal families in the United Arab Emirates. The Awesome Foursome act to stop Bernadotte Brunswick Bevern from conducting unethical human experiments in one of her residential care homes for the elderly, with unforeseen consequences ... Gordon, Grace, Miranda and Nick have been gifted extraordinary magical powers by an alien entity and tasked with ridding the world of tyranny. Their way is long and difficult, but they are never alone. The books in this series are written for bright children from ten to one hundred and ten years of age. By Book 7, the age suitability has shifted to 14+. Each volume in the series seeks to encourage a lifelong love of learning, respect for difference and a desire to take better care of the planet on which we have evolved. There are note indicators at the end of each chapter and approximately twenty percent of each volume is taken up by the notes at the end.

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Released April 28, 2018
ISBN13 9781717538963
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Pages 294
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