Wild Heart - Therese a Kraemer - Bger - Independently Published - 9781718144583 - August 13, 2018

Wild Heart

Therese a Kraemer

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Wild Heart

Willow, daughter of a woodcutter lives most of her life in a secluded forest until one day a stranger enters her life. Prince Tarek Ivanov on a daily hunt aims his bow at a wolf but is wounded by a youth protecting the animal. After his recovery, he intends to find the one, he believes is a boy, who tried to kill him and he does. Willow, hides her sex, is thrown into the dungeon but it is not the bars that make her a prisoner but her love for the prince who remains in the dark about the truth

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released August 13, 2018
ISBN13 9781718144583
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 72
Dimensions 152 229 4 mm   ·   117 g
Language English  

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