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The Gratitude Effect

Dr. John Demartini

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The Gratitude Effect

Would you like to go to the next quantum level beyond the world of simply "positive thinking?"
Are you ready to experience new levels of inspiration, creativity, and achievement?
Well, now you can!

Let The Gratitude Effect open your heart, inspire your mind, awaken your inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness. Allow it to help you break through any limiting beliefs and guide you to a more empowered life filled with deeper meaning and awareness.

One of the teachers of the hit movie The Secret, Dr. Demartini wrote this book as a practical guide to a new life of happiness and thankfulness, proclaiming the importance of gratitude in an individual's life.

You will learn: To be happy with and grateful for what you have How to accept much more you'll receive in returnHow to enjoy a new, happier and more gracious perspective on life To empower yourself and use the latent power withinJohn provides you with a deeper understanding of your current attitudes and takes you into a transformation process. This volume includes exercises and affirmations that help you let the gift of gratitude into your minds and hearts. Follow his lead, and let his wisdom inspire you and remain with you for years to come!

Dr. John F. Demartini is a professional speaker, author and business consultant whose clients range from Wall Street financiers, financial planners, and corporate executives to healthcare professionals, actors and sports personalities. corporate executives to healthcare professionals, actors and sports personalities.

286 pages

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Released USA, September 24, 2020
ISBN13 9781722505264
Publishers G&D Media
Pages 286
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