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Js Ririe

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Torn between her family and the obligations of a promise made to her father, Brylee longs to return to the United States and to her fiancé who is patiently waiting for her, but fate seems to have other plans. Jake, the brother of her father's wife, decides to take her under his wing and teach her the ropes of running the ranch - mostly in an attempt to get rid of her. His mockery and ridicule are only enhanced when she learns of her father's legacy and the part she is to play if she wants to help keep it alive. Unable to make a decision about leaving, she is left to wonder if the outback will consume her before the next harsh blow comes.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released September 3, 2018
ISBN13 9781732661219
Publishers Jan Hill Books
Pages 386
Dimensions 127 203 20 mm   ·   381 g
Language English  

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