A Himalayan Hope and a Himalayan Promise - Thomas E Pliske - Bøger - Pacem in Terris Press - 9781733047517 - September 15, 2019

A Himalayan Hope and a Himalayan Promise

Thomas E Pliske

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A Himalayan Hope and a Himalayan Promise

All of us are asking how our lives can make a difference in creating a world with more kindness, peace, love, sharing, harmony and happiness. The promises of economics, politics, diplomacy, philosophy and even religion have not satisfied our hopes, although each of these can be useful if properly guided. It is the Light of pure spirituality, of the inner heart of humanity, that can and will bring healing and turn our aspirations into realization. How do we experience this Light and how will it perform the great work of transforming our own life and that of the planet? The Vedic Indian spiritual tradition is one of the oldest in the world. Neither a religion nor a philosophy, it is the collective experiences of human beings over many millennia, yogis, who sought and realized the highest Truth. In their own words, they discovered the Truth of the Creator at one with the universal creation, existing in a bond of divine love to which every human soul has awareness and access. The principles of attaining this consciousness, the yoga, has passed down the centuries from masters to disciples, and are available to all who are receptive to learn. The compassionate vision of the Creator is that every aspect of creation: humanity, Mother Earth and the universe will eventually become conscious of the divinity of their existence. This book explores the promise and practical value of the Vedic tradition through the experiences and writings of two contemporary realized masters, Sri Chinmoy and Sri Aurobindo. The discussions center on the themes of comparing yogic with conventional scientific perspectives, the inner dimensions of human consciousness, evolution, death, reincarnation and karma. The last chapter invites the reader to envision the transformation of three modern debates when seen through the lens of yogic vision: global environment, ethical standards and medical practice.

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Released September 15, 2019
ISBN13 9781733047517
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