Conflict Resolution - Tuhin K Das - Bøger - Independently Published - 9781790959280 - December 8, 2018

Conflict Resolution

Tuhin K Das

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Conflict Resolution

World experienced in past and is experiencing till now myriad of conflicts starting from ethnic conflicts to cold war. However, society always talks about peace though the path from conflict to peace is not well defined. It varies from place to place, community to community and time to time and everyone justifies their own paths. It has been observed that most countries use violence to solve disputes. Even some Buddhist nations have been engaged in conflicts and they justify their violence as a defense and for the sake of peace. Here the question arises how to resolve conflict. Is it in a violent or a non-violent way? People are clearly in a dilemma. The present book has been aimed at solving this problem by using a simple model. This model has been applied in three specific cases: interpersonal conflict, interstate conflict, and also conflict between terrorists and Institution. Applications reveal some interesting outcomes which are realistic too.

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Released December 8, 2018
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