Drupal 7 First Look - Mark Noble - Bøger - Packt Publishing Limited - 9781849511223 - November 13, 2010

Drupal 7 First Look

Mark Noble

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Drupal 7 First Look

This hands-on guide takes a look at the main functional areas of Drupal that have significant new features. It explains these new features and how to use them, drawing attention to significant differences from how things used to behave, and giving the reader an idea of the kind of consequences these changes will bring to them. Drupal 7 First Look is written for site administrators, themers, and developers who have some experience with Drupal 6 (or even Drupal 5) and want to upgrade their sites, themes, or modules to Drupal 7 or just learn more about Drupal 7. No programming experience is required, but several code examples are covered for readers that want more in-depth information about building themes and modules.

288 pages

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Released Storbritannien, November 13, 2010
ISBN13 9781849511223
Publishers Packt Publishing Limited
Pages 288
Dimensions 192 × 232 × 16 mm   ·   498 g
Language English  

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