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Face to Face

John Andrews

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Face to Face

The tyranny of pretence will leave us exhausted, frustrated and disappointed, as we attempt to sustain a person we were never meant to be. But a face to face encounter with God will change everything...

"John's message of the absolute necessity of living authentically, free from pretence, with integrity, vulnerability and openness is one our generation is craving to hear. This is a thoroughly Bible-centred book. Read it, look for His face and listen for His voice." - Steve Campbell, Senior Pastor, C3 Church

Identity crisis

We live in a world that increasingly encourages us to be "true to ourselves". It's our right; it's what we deserve...

But biblical wisdom urges caution. Seeing ourselves through a human lens alone will leave us with a sense of self that falls tragically short of God's original design. When we are the captain of our soul - and life is fuelled by desire, ambition and opportunism - we are left vulnerable and exposed. We can never uncover our true self until we meet face to face with the One who lovingly purposed and planned our lives before the beginning of time.

The story of Jacob is the story of one man's struggle with identity, full of incident, glory and controversy. He stole what was never his, but was eventually forced to surrender to that which was always his. He wore a disguise to fool others, but ended up naked before the Lord, confronted with the real Jacob.

The story of Jacob is our story too. If, like him, we will stop grasping for self, a face to face encounter awaits that could change everything.

About the Author:

Dr John Andrews is a leader, teacher, motivator and the author of multiple books. Though called to the UK, John has ministered in over 30 nations, and has a passion to equip and inspire leaders, as well as empower followers of Jesus into effective lifestyle and service.

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Released July 16, 2020
ISBN13 9781908393968
Publishers River Publishing & Media Ltd
Pages 172
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