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Ancient Egyptian Legends

Margaret Alice Murray

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Ancient Egyptian Legends

IN this book I have retold the legends of the Gods of ancient Egypt, legends, which were current in the " morning of the world," preserved to the present day engraved on stone and written on papyri. I have told them in my own way, adhering strictly to the story, but arranging the words and phrases according to the English method; retaining, however, as far as possible the expressions and metaphors of the Egyptian. In some cases I have inserted whole sentences in order to make the sense clear; these are in places where the story divides naturally into several parts, as in " The Battles of Horus," and " The Regions of Night and Thick Darkness"; where each incident, so like the one preceding and the one following, is kept distinct in the mind of the reader by this means. This repetition is quite in accordance with the style of Egyptian literature.

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Released July 7, 2019
ISBN13 9781908445155
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