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Programming of Life

Donald E Johnson

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Programming of Life

Publisher Marketing: This is an updated version of the paperback with some new information. "This is currently the best book covering the relationship between genome and computer architectures." - JOHNATHAN BARTLETT, Author / Publisher / Speaker / Director of Technology ----- This book highlights the informational aspects of life that are generally overlooked or ignored in chemical and biological evolutionary scenarios. Each cell of an organism has millions of interacting computers reading and processing digital information, using digital programs and digital codes to communicate and translate information. Life is an intersection of physical science and information science. Both domains are critical for any life to exist, and each must be investigated using that domain's principles. Yet most scientists have been attempting to use physical science to explain life's information domain, a practice which has no scientific justification. -- As you can tell by the preceding words this research is a fascinating approach to the question of the origin of life. - (PUBLISHER) ----- "Programming of Life is an excellent freshman level review of the formal programming, coding/decoding, integration, organization, Prescriptive Information (PI), memory, regulation and control required for a physical object to find itself 'alive.' DONALD E. JOHNSON is uniquely qualified to unpackage the strong parallels between everyday cybernetic design and engineering and the workings of the cell. I highly recommend this book." -DAVID L. ABEL, Director, The Gene Emergence Project Department of ProtoBioCybernetics and ProtoBioSemiotics The Origin of Life Science Foundation, Inc.

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Released May 29, 2015
ISBN13 9781937355302
Publishers Big Mac Publishers
Pages 136
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