Grace - John Baldoni - Books - Indigo River - 9781948080880 - May 21, 2019
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John Baldoni

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John Baldoni's new book on the power of GRACE is a must read for all of us and particularly for anyone seeking to serve in a leadership role. In a world where good manners and courtesy sometimes seem to have gone out of style, this book is a practical guide for bettering relationships in all types of human connections. In a spiritual sense grace is unearned and as such, it is yours to use for the betterment of self and others. Grace as a gift is a catalyst for positive change to enable the greater good.

Baldoni's GRACE mixes stories of everyday heroes with interviews of notable thought leaders. The results give practical insights into generosity, respect, and compassion coupled with the energy and actions it takes to deliver on these virtues. Baldoni turns GRACE into an acronym: Generosity, the will to do something for others Respect, the dignity of life and work Action, the mechanism for change Compassion, the concern for others Energy, the spirit that catalyzes people

We can apply these universal truths in ordinary as well as extraordinary situations. Baldoni adds life to GRACE by including the stories of the famous as well as not-so famous, including Aretha Franklin, Fred Rogers, Jimmy Carter, Franklin Roosevelt and so many more. Each of whom inspires us with their example of compassion, courage and commitment to the greater good.

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Released May 21, 2019
ISBN13 9781948080880
Publishers Indigo River
Pages 200
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 16 mm   ·   449 g
Language English  

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