The Princess and the Stag - Jp Roth - Bøger - Satin Romance - 9781953735942 - July 31, 2021
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The Princess and the Stag

Jp Roth

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The Princess and the Stag

Even without wings, a true goddess will find a way to fly.

Sentenced to death by the damming testimony of the only man she trusts, Velvet is rescued by Nora Hartington, bastard daughter of King George III, stunning socialite turned pirate queen. On the high seas Velvet, is stolen by the duke who betrayed her. He takes her aboard his own vessel in the throes of a black storm and claims that by proxy, and the king's decree, she is his alone..

Velvet is haunted by a magic she held, used, and now regrets with all her soul. A dark collection of precious stones hosting ancient powers which once transformed a frightened prince and princess of France into a snow-white owl and a golden stag. With the full force of the British monarchy and Napoleon's army closing in, Velvet's haven is also her doom. In the lush bed of the captain's cabin, Henry attempts to hold Velvet to a vow she did not make. Tossed and battered by waves tall as mountains, locked in a passion neither can escape, they are victims to the gods of the deep. Shipwrecked and washed to the white shores of a storied pirate retreat, Ile Sainte-Marie, island of legend and birthplace of the magic which has shaped Velvet's life and threatens to steal everything she loves.

Ghosts, enchantments, lost loves, and bloody sacrifice teach Velvet that time and reality are fragile, varied, sparkling dimensions just out sight, and the things that truly matter, always come with the steepest price.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released July 31, 2021
ISBN13 9781953735942
Publishers Satin Romance
Pages 278
Dimensions 133 × 203 × 16 mm   ·   317 g
Language English  

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