Rylei's Five Senses - I. Nooks Rylei - Bøger - Bristow Publishing - 9781955666190 - October 4, 2022
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Rylei's Five Senses

I. Nooks Rylei

Rylei's Five Senses

Come along with young Rylei as she explorers her surroundings using her sense of smell, taste, sounds, sight, and textures in this energizing children's book series.

The Author

Rylei I. Nooks

An enthusiastic and thoughtful 10 year old, Rylei I. Nooks is on her way to impacting kids all over the world. Her Youtube channel, Rylei's Tales, shares experiences and information so children can learn something new everyday. Expanding the visual to books, Rylei has a passion for learning and sharing through writing. Publishing her senses series, "What's that?" is only the beginning. Writing has always been her first love, along with swimming, acting, and playing the piano. Her future is so bright, the sky is not even the limit.

The Illustrator

Myleah Allsop

A local Atlanta artist by way of Brooklyn, NY, Myleah has been illustrating since she could remember. Her experience ranges from fashion illustration and pattern design to digital portraiture for special events. In her spare time, her hobbies include editing podcasts and music sampling on her drum machine.

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Released October 4, 2022
ISBN13 9781955666190
Publishers Bristow Publishing
Pages 24
Dimensions 203 × 254 × 6 mm   ·   326 g
Language English