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The Collaborators

Louis Phillips

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The Collaborators

Louis Phillips, a widely published poet, playwright, and short story writer, has written some 50 books for children and adults. Among his published works are: six collections of short stories - A Dream of Countries Where No One Dare Live (SMU Press), The Bus to the Moon (Fort Schuyler Press), The Woman Who Wrote King Lear and Other Stories (Pleasure Boat Studio), Must I Weep for The Dancing Bear (Pleasure Boat Studio), Galahad in the City of Tigers, and Sheathed Bayonets (World Audience). Hot Corner, a collection of his baseball writings, and R. I. P. (a sequence of poems about Rip Van Winkle) from Livingston Press; The Envoi Messages, The Ballroom in St. Patrick's Cathedral and The Last of The Marx Brothers' Writers, full-length plays, (Broadway Play Publishers). Fireworks in Some Particulars (Fort Schuyler Press) is a collection of poetry, short stores, and humor pieces. That book also contains his play - God Have Mercy on the June-Bug. Pleasure Boat Studio has published The Domain of Silence/The Domain of Absence: New & Selected Poems, and The Domain Of Small Mercies: New & Selected Poems.

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Released September 28, 2017
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