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The Trained Memory

Warren Hilton a B

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The Trained Memory

Chapter I. 4 The Elements of Memory Chapter II. 6 The Mental Treasure Vault and its Lost Combination Chapter III. 23 The Mechanism of Recall Chapter IV. 30 The Laws of Recall Chapter V 39 The Science of Forgetting Chapter VI. 46 The Fallacy of Most Memory Systems Chapter VII. 52 A Scientific Memory System for Business Success THE ELEMENTS OF MEMORY Four Special Memory Processes You have learned of the sense-perceptive and judicial processes by which your mind acquires its knowledge of the outside world. You come now to a study of the phenomenon of memory, the instrument by which your mind retains and makes use of its knowledge, the agency that has power to resurrect the buried past or power to enfold us in a Paradise of dreams more perfect than reality. In the broadest sense, memory is the faculty of the mind by which we (1) retain, (2) recall, (3) picture to the mind's eye, and (4) recognize past experiences. Memory involves, therefore, four elements, Retention, Recall, Imagination and Recognition.

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Released October 12, 2017
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