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Inu to Fue

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

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Inu to Fue

JAPANESE EDITION with notes in English

A lively introduction to Japanese literature by world famous author Akutagawa Rynosuke

Kami-naga-hiko lives in the ancient Japanese province of Yamato. He makes his living as a wood-cutter, but he is also an exceptionally talented musician. One day, a mountain god, who has been captivated by the sound of Kami-naga-hiko's playing, offers to give him anything, anything he cares to mention, in grateful thanks for the joy that his music brings. At first the god is astonished that Kami-naga-hiko asks only for a dog, but then, pleased by the modesty of the request, he promises that the dog will be the most wonderful one in all the world. This unexpected visitation and miraculous gift are, however, just the beginning of Kami-naga-hiko's adventures and he soon finds himself on a quest to rescue a pair of nobly born sisters from the clutches of their not entirely human abductors.

The story is written in a straightforward way and in it elements of Japanese folklore are skilfully combined with some of the traditional traits of European fairy stories. It was written for a juvenile audience and first published in the Akai Tori magazine in 1919. Despite its age, the plot-line may seem familiar to fans of modern-day anime and manga, as the story revolves around an apparently unlikely hero who encounters samurai warriors and a variety of super-natural beings as he battles his way to a (hopefully) happy ending.

This edition features:

- Modern Japanese text

- Kanji with furigana readings

- Detailed notes in English

*Recommended for intermediate students.

About the author: -

Akutagawa Ryunosuke (1892 - 1927) is probably best known for literary works such as Rashomon, Hell-screen and Kappa, and it is a tribute to his standing as a writer that several of his short stories are well-known in the West and have been available in English translation for many years. The few stories that he wrote for a younger audience (of which Inu to Fue is one) are less well known, but none the less well-crafted.

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Released December 19, 2017
ISBN13 9781981138265
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Pages 130
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