One-relator Groups: a Survey - Khalifa Alhazaa - Bøger - VDM Verlag - 9783639021462 - May 14, 2008

One-relator Groups: a Survey

Khalifa Alhazaa

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One-relator Groups: a Survey

The subject of Combinatorial Group Theory is so young that the number of books dedicated to it is very small. This monograph is concerned with the subfield of One-Relator Groups, which enjoyed an extensive research in the past decade. Its main purpose is to give a quick introduction to the subject and it should play a role as a reference to most of the Literature. The striking thing about this field is that it requires near to nothing to start studying it, not even Calculus. Yet it possesses such beauty to make it stand on its own rights. An extensive bibliography is given in the end of the book to give a smooth transition to other books and research papers in the Literature, the latter being the main goal. The subject is still ripe, which should make it easy for young Mathematicians to work in it and attain a number of significant results.

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Released May 14, 2008
ISBN13 9783639021462
Publishers VDM Verlag
Pages 88
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