Processing Techniques for Wide-angle Seismic Data - Hassan Masoomzadeh - Bøger - VDM Verlag - 9783639025699 - July 29, 2008

Processing Techniques for Wide-angle Seismic Data

Hassan Masoomzadeh

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Processing Techniques for Wide-angle Seismic Data

Imaging structures underneath basalt layers has been a challenge for the hydrocarbon exploration industry. A new processing strategy has been implemented to enhance seismic images obtained from wide-angle seismic data, acquired for sub-basalt imaging purposes. A zigzag velocity function consisting of iso-moveout curves in the time-velocity panel is introduced and employed to perform a constant moveout correction, leading to a horizon consistent multi-window non-stretch stack. The argument is extended into the tau-p domain where the transformed wavefield requires an alternative set of processing techniques. Further improvements are achieved by data processing in the tau-p domain, including downward continuation and shifted-elliptical non-stretch dynamic correction. The processing strategy employed facilitated exploitation of wide-angle arrivals in order to provide enhanced images of the sub-basalt structure. This book should be useful for geoscientists studying crustal structures, Earth sciences students, exploration geophysicists, seismic data analysts, and any one who enjoys the art of seismic data processing.

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Released July 29, 2008
ISBN13 9783639025699
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