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Pakistan Army Legends

Aleen Fatima

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Pakistan Army Legends

Pakistan possesses a huge list of people who are honored as the National heroes because of their relentless and unsurpassed services for protecting and safeguarding the mother land. The sacrifices made by these daring people have ensured the long term existence and prosperity of the country in a world where there are continuous challenges and threats from other power. The majority of these national heroes belong to the Armed Forces of Pakistan as they are always on the front line while shielding the country against foreign enemies. This series of sacrifices started soon after the independence in 1947 and are still continued. The major acts of bravery and valor were witnessed at the times of war when the blood of these brave people irrigated the fields of prosperity and well-being for the country. There are other heroes too who acted courageously at the times other than war and made histories due to their bold actions in the face of death. This paper presents a brief overview of all the heroes who made sacrifices for the country and made it safe against the internal as well as external intrusions.

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Released March 19, 2021
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