Mediterranean Diet Cookbook - Shalon Gaver - Books - Independently Published - 9798461075095 - August 20, 2021
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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Shalon Gaver

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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

If you want to get on board with a diet that tastes good and has bona fide health benefits, then you've found your match in the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is all-inclusive, sustainable, and something that you really can follow. It's not so prescriptive that it's prohibitive. Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes eating with loved ones together, around a table. In that sense, you can think of the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle as much as a diet. It's one that people in many countries around the Mediterranean Sea, like Greece, Turkey, and Italy, have followed for centuries.
This book will serve as a guide to people who want to benefit from the program. While your short-term goal may be to lose weight, you will gain so much more when you make the diet part of your lifestyle. It promotes a healthy heart and helps in maintaining your blood and cholesterol levels. This book does not promote any health claims. Instead, it explains the basics of the diet and how you will benefit. It also aims to make the transition easier by providing a food list and tips on where and how to keep your food items and other ingredients. It has a 30-day meal plan, other recipes, and meal ideas you can prepare in following the newer trend of combining the Mediterranean and Ketogenic diet plan pillars.

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Released August 20, 2021
ISBN13 9798461075095
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Pages 154
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